How to Consign Clothing

The best way is to just drop in anytime during normal business hours; no appointment needed and there is no fee to be a consignor. Just do it!


Clothing Consignment

clothingJust bring in your fabulously gently used clothing, shoes and accessories; clean them, make sure they are wrinkle free, hang them on hangers and wish them good luck  so they sell for big bucks. The nicer the item looks when it comes in, the quicker it sells.

We accept the following:

Women’s Clothing & Shoes (LESS THAN 2 YEARS OLD)
Designer Clothing and Handbags
Men’s Clothing & Shoes
Boys & Girls Clothing & Shoes of all ages
Infants, oh so cute! Clothing

What to bring in when

August – January – We accept Fall and Winter clothing
February – July – We accept Spring and Summer clothing

IMPORTANT: All adult clothing items MUST BE ON HANGERS (we provide them).
Children’s clothing should be hung or neatly folded. Ensure all items are clean, wrinkle free, have no stains and in like-new condition. We can pick-up Furniture from your house, please call Michael for details.

What we don’t accept

Bathing Suits, Bed Linens, Lingerie, Used Electronics, Books, Socks, Fine Jewelry, Large and Small Appliances, and Kitchen Utensils. Clothing from Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, K-Mart or Target.