How to Become a Consignor

The best way is to just drop in anytime during normal business hours.

No appointment needed and there is no fee to be a consignor. Just do it!


Clothing Consignment

Just bring in your fabulously gently used clothing, shoes and accessories, that are in your closet clean them, make sure they are wrinkle free, hang them on hangers and wish them good luck  so they sell for big bucks. The nicer the item looks when it comes in, the quicker it sells. Read more…


Home Decor Consignment

Pick out your fabulous home accessory items, dust them, clean them and shine them up; inspect for chips or breaks.

For furniture please send a photo to, talk to Michael about a good time to bring it or make arrangements for pick-up. Read more…



We price the item, you can price the item, and as long as it gets priced everyone is happy. We base prices on supply and demand, we reserve the right to raise or lower the price in order to make a sale. We will try very hard to get the best possible price for you.


Clothing you receive 45% of the sale price; Furniture and Household items you receive 50% of the sale price.

How You Are Paid

We write checks on the 15th of the month for the previous two months’ sales for any amount over $20.00. Make a note of check writing months: January, March, May, July, September and November. You may drop in anytime after the 15th of those months to pick up your check.

Consignment Timeline

We will display your clothing for two (2) months. They will be at full price for the first month and then the selling price will be reduced by 25% for the last month.