The Twelve Days of Christmas Sweaters

The Twelve Days of Christmas Sweaters

holiday outer wearGaudy and tacky Christmas sweaters have been in seasonal favor for nearly fifteen years. Since their popularity has soared, they can be found in all shapes, colors and styles. When shopping for such garments today, your choice of Christmas sweater types has also grown.

There are generally three types of ugly Christmas sweaters: Vintage, Enhanced and New. The vintage style pretty much speaks for itself, and is a clothing item that was made decades ago. They are becoming harder to find and more pricey than the alternate types.

The enhanced, or up-scaled Christmas sweater, starts with your basic style. Then, it can be enhanced with a number of different items to display your unique style. Some embellish outerwear with felt patterns, lights, tree ornaments, tinsel, popcorn and funny sayings. This approach will make your style stand out amongst the rest of the party.

The new Ugly Christmas sweater is perhaps the most common found in the market today. They are being marketed and sold by the big name brands, as well as those you’ve never heard of. They are often made of less expensive materials and don’t wear as well. However, they are perfect for the company party that calls for just this type of garment.

There are also a remarkable variety of sweater styles to choose from. Depending on your predilection for outwear, you can express yourself in many different ways. Christmas sweater types range from the classic pull-over, to the extra-tacky zipper style. The more sophisticated shopper may choose the button up style, harking back to the 90′s when they were in style. However, holiday outerwear may not need style at all, depending on your taste. Then, there is the sweater vest.

Once you decide on the type of Christmas sweater you like, and the style, you’ll then be faced with pattern choice. Ugly Christmas sweaters run the gamut of holiday representation. Typical patterns may include snowmen, snowflakes, Christmas trees, elves, reindeer, nutcracker dolls, poinsettia and mistletoe. Some ultra tacky beauties feature all of the above. Would you wear one of those? We might. We will.

Finally, you want to be aware of the materials used to make your seasonal covering. Are you allergic to wool? Because many sweaters are made with this natural material, you might have to go with Acrylic. The sweater labels will indicate the type of material used, or the blend that came together to form your party wear.

Now that you have been informed of all types of Tacky Christmas sweaters, you’ll need to buy one. Re-Love It, located in Purcellville, Virginia carries hundreds of them. Whether you live in Winchester, Leesburg, Lovettsville or Brambleton, we’ll close to all the northern Virginia towns.¬†You can visit them, or simply give them a call: 540-751-0707.