Largest selection of Ugly Vintage Christmas Sweaters in the Metro DC area


Re-Love It

138 N. 21St Street, Purcellville, VA 20132


Re-Love It has the biggest collection of goofy holiday sweaters just in time for your office or home party.

You just learned that your office is hosting a holiday party and colorful Christmas sweaters are the theme. You can order one online and pay though the roof, and wait for it to arrive. Or, you can visit Re-Love It consignment shop in Loudoun County, and choose from literally hundreds and hundreds of ugly Christmas attire.


Michael Oaks, the store owner, has been finding these holiday sweaters all year long. He eagerly awaits the onset of Thanksgiving, when fun loving folks begin to search for these cherished garments. In the store, you’ll find racks and racks of colorful ugly Christmas sweaters for men, women and the kids.

Let’s say you live in Frederick, Maryland and you can’t find a Christmas sweater vest anywhere. You need a blue one that has four snowman buttons, a crazy looking reindeer and jolly ‘ole Santa snacking on cookies. Chances are that Re-Love It in Purcellville will have it! It’s only a 40 minute drive. Better hurry though, these, some say obnoxious sweaters, are already for sale. Even with a selection of thousands of ugly Christmas sweaters, they sell quickly.

Perhaps you live in Washington, DC, and you want the whole family wearing red and white vintage holiday sweaters! What a wonderful Christmas card that would make. It’s sure to make them chuckle while preserving a cherished family moment. Sitting in front of the fireplace with big joyful smiles, the setting is one that can’t be beat. Snap! It’s a Kojac moment, lollypops and all! You’ll be the family to out-do in the entire metro DC area, inside the Beltway or not!

The fancy shops in Arlington, Virginia will sell you a brand new funny Christmas sweater for two hundred dollars. It will probably even come with a recognized brand name. But heck, you’re only going to wear it once a year, maybe twice if you’re lucky. The smart holiday sweater shopper would venture into wine country and stop by Re-Love It consignment shop. Our Purcellville location has hundreds and hundreds to choose pricedĀ from $10 on up. You can buy four and give them to your friends or coworkers.

Nowhere in Loudoun County, Clarke County, Fairfax County or Frederick County will you find a more complete set of Holiday Christmas Sweaters than at Re-Love It. We worked hard all year to bring this authentic ugly Christmas sweater collection to you. Not one store south of the North Pole has as many holiday sweater as we do. You just won’t believe how large the entire crazy selection is.

As mentioned, these silly sweaters won’t last long. They are currently for sale on our showroom floor. Have a question about availability? Just give us a call: 540-751-0707. We’ll be able to tell you if the perfect Christmas knitted garment is ready and waiting for you.