Ugly Christmas Sweaters – How We Got Here


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Sweaters have a long history of utilitarian use, otherwise known as staying warm. While the knitting of wool has been practiced for nearly two thousand years, use of sweaters as we know them, began in the 1890′s as a mean to keep fishermen warm in Europe. Knitted by their wives, they would keep the body warm, even when wet.


The English began knitting tunics in the 15th century in and around the Channel islands. The islands known as Guernsey and Jersey, lent their names to the garment we know and love today. In the 1890, athletes in the US adopted the jersey and it quickly became known as the sweater. During the 1920′s, designers began marketing sweaters in various styles and materials.

The 1950′s gave rise to the collegiate sweater look, which offered a v-neck, or button up, style. The ever recognizable cardigan sweater. Named after James Brunedell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, this style was modeled after the knitted wool waistcoat worn by British officers of the time. Image if the Earl wore an ugly Christmas sweater into battle. What a painting that would make! After all, he led the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Being a garment worn in the colder months, the association of the Christmas holidays with sweaters was a natural. Given how styles of clothing progress and morph over the decades, donning these warm garments splashed with warm symbolism was a natural progression. While some fads come and go, the goofy holiday sweater genre of clothing appears to have real staying power.

Today, the ugly Christmas sweater is worn during family gatherings, holiday parties, and even charity runs across the United States. Often, the more outrageous the sweater, the more they are sought after. You can find holiday jumpers featuring reindeer, snowmen, mitten, tree, presents, wrapping paper, stockings and more. The bulk of Christmas pullovers come in white, blue, red, and black. Some have zippers while others have decorative buttons.

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