Ugly Christmas Sweaters in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters in Loudoun County, Virginia.

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You’ve been invited to your first Ugly Christmas Sweater party, and you’re not sure where to get one, right? Well look no more as the Re-Love It shop in Purcellville, Virginia is offering hundreds of them right now. With the largest selection south of the North Pole (or northern Virginia – Metro DC, anyway), you will find racks and racks of the playful, colorful sweaters. Come by Re-Love It and browse their recently announced selection, or call them at (540) 751-0707.

How did these Christmas Sweaters come into popularity? The answer depends on the source of information you find. According to Time Magazine (link:, these warm and delightful garments came into popularity around 2001. The article goes on to say that young folks relished in making fun of holiday garments worn by their parents. In addition, having worn them as children, the sweaters conjure feelings of childhood.

The related seasonal parties, that have now become a part of our culture, started around the same time. The Time article goes on to say that Vancouver claims to be the birthplace of these parties. Every year, the Commodore Ballroom, is held where the dress code is the Ugly Christmas Sweater. Starting in 2002, the party founders claim to have the Canadian trademark on the related term.

Both Bill Cosby and Chevy Chase are both credited with helping to ignite this craze as both wore them publicly in the 1990′s. You could see Bill sporting them in the Cosby Show series, along with many other types of the fuzzy and warm garments. Chevy Chase wore them in the “Christmas Vacation” movie.

white holiday sweaterNow that you have a brief history of the tacky holiday sweater, you’ll need to find your own. Whether you live in Fairfax County, Middleburg or Ashburn, you only have one location to buy the gaudy sweaters: Re-Love It located in western Loudoun County of Virginia. They have hundreds to choose from that display knitted mittens, snowmen, cookies, snowflakes and holiday trees. Their selection also include sweater choices in lots of colors; white, red, blue, black and green.

The sweater collection for sale also includes various styles of seasonal outerwear, including button up, pullovers, zipper up and vests. With this variety of holiday wear, you certainly can’t go wrong. Get to Re-Love It today to buy your own Ugly Christmas Sweater and be the hit of your company party.